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Childcare with a childminder is small-scale. A childminder may care for a maximum of six children at a time. This means your child receives a lot of personal attention in a familiar, safe environment. Feeling safe and secure provides a solid foundation for your child's development.

Additionally, many childminders are flexible. Some even offer care in the evenings and weekends. This allows you to tailor the childcare to times when you need it, and you're not obligated to commit to fixed time slots. This is also a financial advantage because you only pay for the hours you've agreed upon with your childminder. However, we recommend scheduling at least one session per week to ensure your child remains familiar with the childminder.

You can sign up for free with childcare agency 4Kids. After answering a few questions, we'll know exactly what you're looking for. We'll then contact you to discuss the possibilities.

You can register your babysitter with us as a childminder. We will then assess what conditions your babysitter still needs to meet to work as a childminder. Together with your babysitter, we will ensure that he/she is subsequently registered in the National Childcare Register (LRK). Once registration is imminent, you will receive a quote from us which you can use to apply for childcare allowance. Additionally, your mediator will schedule a meeting with you and your childminder for an initial interview. During this interview, the child's care environment will be inspected for safety and hygiene. Furthermore, all practical matters, such as hours registration, will be explained. From the moment your babysitter is registered as a childminder, you can apply for childcare allowance. More information about the quality requirements for childminders can be found here.

Indeed, that's possible. Close family members provide ideal and trusted care. The same conditions apply to close family members as to others who want to become childminders. Here you can view the conditions that a childminder must meet.

We make every effort to ensure the quality of childcare. Our primary focus is on the connection between parent, child, and childminder. Additionally, we pay attention to creating a safe and clean childcare environment. We achieve this by visiting the childcare location at least twice a year and inspecting the location together with the childminder for potential risks.

The required Certificate of Good Conduct and registration in the Childcare Persons Register provide assurance about the background of the childminder. Furthermore, a childminder must have a registered certificate in Pediatric First Aid and the appropriate diploma in healthcare or pedagogy.

Finally, through evaluation meetings, attention is given to the relationship between the child, parent, and childminder. 4Kids also undergoes an annual inspection visit from the GGD. So, you can be sure that we meet the requirements of the Childcare Act.

Even with a childminder, you are entitled to childcare allowance if you meet the conditions set by the government. You can view these conditions here. The amount of childcare allowance depends on your income. Under 'Downloads', you will find the Childcare Allowance table from the Tax and Customs Administration. Want to know what childcare with a childminder costs in your situation? Calculate it here and then request a quote without obligation.

Yes, you are entitled to childcare allowance during parental leave. For employees, the number of hours worked is equal to the (agreed upon) working hours. During parental leave, this working hours remain unchanged. Therefore, these circumstances do not affect the number of hours worked and thus do not affect the number of hours of childcare allowance you are entitled to.

Applying for the allowance is straightforward. Apply for the allowance through the website of the Tax and Customs Administration. It's useful to have the quote you

When the number of hours of childcare or the hourly rate changes, you must inform the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). This ensures that you receive the correct amount of childcare allowance. You can do this yourself via the amendment program of the Tax and Customs Administration.

You can make a sample calculation on this website to see how much you will pay per month. If you want to know exactly how much childminder care will cost in your situation, feel free to request a quote. We will then contact you and answer all your questions.

Yes, that's possible. There are also childminders who prefer to provide care within a family's home. You can find all the information about this on the page Variants of Childminder Care.

Each month, you pay a fixed amount for agency fees. This is a compensation for the guidance and mediation provided by childcare agency 4Kids. For example, you get a dedicated mediator who supports you during the childcare process. We help you find a replacement childminder if needed. We regularly visit the childcare location to ensure that it and your childminder still meet all requirements. Additionally, we handle the paperwork related to childcare. The amount of the fee depends on the number of childcare hours and the number of children. You do not pay any registration fees at 4Kids. Agency fees are only charged once the childcare begins.

If you want to know more about this, you can read the PDF '4Kids childminder care and the fees you pay'. You can also find this document under ' Downloads > General documents’ in your own My 4Kids environment.

No, because the agency fees are a fixed amount per child per month. Make a calculation for your situation and see how much you pay net per month.

It is possible to enter into a temporary contract with 4Kids. The minimum duration of a contract between you as a parent and 4Kids is four months. The minimum duration between you and your childminder is one month.

No, there are no costs associated with the initial interview. Unless, between the initial interview and receiving the agreements, or the start date, you decide not to use the childcare and/or guidance services of 4Kids after all. In that case, we will charge you €100 for the costs incurred for the initial interview and drafting the agreements.

The initial interview takes place once you have found a childminder. This is a meeting involving you, your childminder, and childcare agency 4Kids where all agreements are documented.

An intake interview takes place when you have not yet found a childminder and are looking for suitable childcare. During an intake, you meet your mediator and discuss your specific wishes and needs regarding childcare. A start interview takes place once the childminder has been found. During this interview, agreements are made, and all practi

At the beginning of each month, the childcare hours are reported by you or the childminder. These are the childcare hours from the previous month. Once we have received the hours, we will provide you with an overview of the childcare allowance and the agency fees to be paid. You transfer the total amount to 4Kids. Childcare agency 4Kids then pays the childcare allowance to your childminder.

Registering Hours
Registering hours is very easy and can be done via My 4Kids. Your mediator will explain this during the start interview. In the hours registration, as a parent, you can also enter any expenses incurred by your childminder. This could include, for example, meals or diapers that are charged separately. Often, the costs for diapers are also included in the hourly rate, or you may provide them yourself. As a parent, you reimburse this directly to the childminder during the monthly payment.

Yearly Overview
In February, you will receive the yearly statement from us for the previous year. This is based on the hours you report to us. With this statement, you can make the final childcare allowance application. This is particularly important if you have received too much or too little childcare allowance. Or if you have worked more or less than you estimated when applying for the allowance.

Your mediator is the familiar face. She knows you and your childminder personally and is familiar with the region. Therefore, you can contact your mediator for questions regarding the communication between you and your childminder, as well as questions arising from a conversation. You c

Not living at the same address is a requirement according to the Childcare Act. The childminder may not be registered at the same residential address as the parent or the parent's partner from whom the child is receiving care. In other words, the parent and childminder are not allowed to live at the same address. If you reside at the same address, you cannot receive childcare allowance for this childminder.

Childminder care operates differently from care in a childcare center. You personally select your childminder, and your child is only cared for by this individual. In a childcare center, you do not personally choose who cares for your child, which is why since 2013 it has been mandatory for continuous supervision by four eyes (two people).

With childminder care, you build a trusting relationship with your childminder and can coordinate the care with them on a daily basis. Additionally, your mediator periodically visits your childminder. In essence, in childminder care, we adhere to the six-eyes principle: the eyes of the childminder, yours, and the mediator's.

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