How do I find a childminder?

You opt for childminder care. Naturally, you want to find a childminder who suits both you and your child. We assist you in finding a childminder. Do you already know someone whom you consider suitable as a childminder for your child(ren)? Think about: grandfather, grandmother, aunt, or neighbor. Then you can also sign up together with 4Kids.


First, look for a childminder in your area yourself?

Sign up and create a profile for free on our childcare market. Here you can search for childminders. Childminders can find you. And you can easily get in touch with each other.

Create a free profile

Together finding your childminder

Your regional mediator is happy to help you find a childminder. They know your area well. Do you want us to help you or need more information? Contact us by calling 0572-341000 or by sending an email to We are happy to assist you!

Childcare by family

Family members can also be registered as childminders. This has several advantages:

  • Your family member receives an hourly rate for taking care of your child(ren);
  • You receive childcare allowance;
  • It is familiar for the children.

Of course, the family member must meet all legal requirements for working as a childminder.

Conditions for childminders

Our childminders

Our childminders have obtained all the required diplomas and are registered in the National Childcare Register (LRK). Only childminders approved by the GGD are listed here.

  • Every year, we fill in the risk inventory together with your childminder. The health and safety check of the childcare location
  • Every year, we evaluate the childcare with you and your childminder
  • Our childminders work according to our pedagogical policy
  • With our courses, workshops, and training sessions, we stimulate our childminders to continue their development. As a parent, you can also take advantage of our course offerings

Find your childminder

Gratis informatiepakket voor ouders

Gratis informatiepakket

Meer weten over gastouderopvang via gastouderbureau 4Kids? Vraag gratis en vrijblijvend het 4Kids informatiepakket aan en ontvang het direct in je mailbox.

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