What is childminder care?

Are you looking for personalized, flexible, and affordable childcare? Then childminding might be for you! Childminding is small-scale childcare provided by childminders. Our childminders care for a maximum of six children at a time, either at the childminder's home or in your own home. We, Childminder Agency 4Kids, are delighted to find the best childminder for your child(ren).


Looking for a childminder in your area?

You can do that on our childcare market. Sign up and create a profile for free. Here, you can search for childminders, and childminders can find you. This way, you can easily get in touch with each other.

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Together we will find your childminder

When you opt for childminding, you naturally want to find a childminder who suits both you and your child. Sign up with Childminder Agency 4Kids, and we will help you find a childminder.

How we find your childminder together

Childminding is flexible

Childminding is flexible. Together with you and your childminder, we discuss what is important for your child, from upbringing to sleep times and other specific wishes. Do you need to pick up your child a little later one day? Or do you need childminding at varying times? Everything is negotiable with your childminder.

Childminding is personal

Childminding is personal. The same childminder takes care of your child every day. This ensures that your child feels safe and secure, the basis for children to develop well. In addition, your childminder gets to know your child well. This way, your childminder knows what your child needs to feel happy.


Childminding is affordable

Childminding is more affordable than childcare centers. You make agreements about childcare hours and the hourly rate with your childminder. Plus, you receive childcare allowance. Want to know how much a childminder costs per month? Then make a sample calculation for your personal situation and request a quote without obligation. You are not committed to anything.

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Childminding is available for day care and after school care (BSO)

With childminding, both care for children aged 0 to 4 years and after school care (BSO) for children already attending primary school is possible. Are you also looking for care in the evenings and/or nights? Even there are childminders for!

All variants of childminding

Benefits of childminding

  • Childminding means the same familiar face every day, with plenty of time and attention for your child
  • Together with you, we look at what is important for your child. And together we find a childminder who fits
  • Also childcare when your child is feeling a little less well
  • Childcare at the childminder's home or at your home. It's your choice
  • Childminding is more affordable than childcare. You make agreements about childcare hours and the hourly rate together

All benefits of childminding

Our childminders

Our childminders are more than just babysitters. Because being a childminder is not something you just do. They have all achieved the necessary qualifications and meet strict legal requirements. Together with our childminders, we ensure that the childcare location is safe and healthy. We do this by regularly visiting and checking if the childcare location meets all safety requirements.

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Childminding for you

Would you like more information about childminding? Feel free to contact us by calling 0572-341000 or emailing opvangadvies@4kids.nl. We are happy to help you!

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