What does a childminder cost?

The cost of a childminder depends on many factors. Your income, working hours, and the number of hours of childminding you need all play a role. Additionally, the number of children, the location of the care, and of course the hourly rate agreed upon with your childminder are factors to consider. Make an example calculation and request a quote without obligation. Compare childminding with daycare or after-school care (BSO) if needed.

Childminder and Childminding Agency

When you use childminding services, you will deal with a childminding agency. Childminding Agency 4Kids acts as the link between parents of children in care and the childminder. This is because this form of childcare falls under the Childcare Act. This law states that a childminder may only provide paid childcare services with the involvement of a childminding agency. Because the care is provided through the Childcare Act, you may be entitled to Childcare Allowance.

What do I pay to whom?

For childminding services, if you meet the conditions, you may receive childcare allowance. You pay your childminder per child, per hour for the care of your child(ren). And potentially for expenses such as diapers and food. You make agreements about this with your childminder.

Childminding Agency 4Kids provides guidance, mediation, and financial administrative processing for which you pay agency fees. These agency fees are reimbursed from the childcare allowance. Childminding Agency 4Kids sends you a monthly invoice after you and your childminder have agreed on the hours entered. You pay the invoice to 4Kids. And 4Kids ensures that your childminder receives her payment the next working day.

Example calculation of childminder costs

The monthly costs for the care of your children consist of two amounts, namely;

  • the amount you pay your childminder for childcare hours;
  • the agency fees for 4Kids for guidance, mediation, and administrative tasks, among other things.

These are the gross childcare costs for which you may receive childcare allowance. Subtracting the childcare allowance from these costs gives you the final amount that childminding costs you monthly.

In the example calculation below, we show you the average cost of a childminder per month.



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