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The benefits of childminder childcare

  1. Lots of individual attention

    Your childminder takes care of children in small groups, allowing plenty of time and attention for your child.

  2. You decide who takes care of your child

    Most important of all is that you have confidence in the care provided for your child. This is why you choose who cares for your child, in childminder childcare.

  3. Playing and discovering things together in a small group

    Your child can play with others and develop social skills, without being lost in the crowd.

  4. The same face every day in a homely environment

    Your child can develop optimally in a safe and quiet environment with the same familiar face every day.

  5. Childcare in safe and healthy homes

    4Kids ensures that the homes in which the childminders work are safe and healthy, and meet strict conditions.

  6. Childminder childcare is professional childcare

    Childminders are professional role models with a First Aid for Children certificate and a diploma in care and welfare or education.

  7. Childminder childcare is less expensive

    A childminder can soon save you thousands of euros a year compared with a babysitter, daycare centre or out-of-school childcare.

  8. Childminder childcare is flexible childcare

    You reach your own agreements with your childminder on the childcare hours and the daily activities, based on your personal wishes.

  9. Your child feels more at ease with a childminder

    Scientific research has shown children to feel more at ease with a guest parent than in a daycare centre. Your child has more fun and can develop optimally.

  10. Your child is healthier in childminder childcare

    RIVM research has shown that your child is 70% less likely to be sick than when attending a childcare centre.

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