Green is our colour

We feel responsible for people and nature. We think it goes without saying. We strive for a world that also remains a pleasant place for our children. To live, work and have fun. How do you see this again?

Picking strawberries in the garden. Enjoying a nice walk in the forest or city park. Sorting waste together. Or having a rain barrel in the garden. Being 'green' doesn't have to be difficult or expensive at all. Share with us what you already do. Via email or tag us on Facebook or Instagram. It makes us happy!

A green office

And by that, we don't mean literally green. The office of 4Kids has been completely gas-free since 2021. The roof is covered with solar panels. And for the energy we cannot generate ourselves, we use 100% green electricity. Additionally, we invest, and continue to invest, in sustainable solutions. This way, we are increasingly sitting more sustainably comfortably!

Can it be digital?

Prefer to have everything on paper? Or is digital also acceptable? We ask this question to our childminders and parents. Because this way, we can save the environment together. And the same goes for mail. We keep this to a minimum by arranging as much as possible via email and My 4Kids. For example, monthly hour registration and invoicing are completely digital. But if you don't have internet or an email address yourself? Or do you prefer to have everything on paper, in a folder? That's still possible too!

Green news