What 4Kids does for you

4Kids is a childminding agency that prioritizes personal contact. We genuinely value this aspect. Every day, we ensure that childcare is well organized. We have a dedicated mediator in each region and an enthusiastic 4Kids team in the office. This allows us to keep the lines of communication short and personal. You'll notice it when you call us, when we visit you, or even when we're simply behind the computer making sure that hour registration runs smoothly. Happy children, parents, and childminders – that's what motivates us!

,,I placed a call on the childcare market. Responded to the profile of our childminder. And there was an immediate connection. We met and our mediator documented all agreements. Everything was arranged within a week."
Parent Karin

Benefits of childcare agency 4Kids

  • A dedicated mediator from your region. They know the region well
  • An enthusiastic team you can always call or email
  • A pedagogue for specific questions you or your childminder may have
  • An online childcare market with your own profile. In the childcare market, you can search for childminders and childminders can find you
  • We document all agreements and preferences for you in a contract
  • No registration fees
  • We always keep you informed of current developments
  • Your mediator regularly visits the childcare location. This ensures that the childcare location and your childminder meet all requirements
  • Your mediator periodically evaluates the childcare with you and your childminder
  • An online hour registration system. This allows you to always view your childcare costs and hours
  • Your own My 4Kids page. Here you will find, among other things, your childcare details and documents
  • An annual overview of all childcare hours and reimbursements. This allows you to justify the received childcare allowance to the Tax Authorities
  • Payments are processed daily. So, your childminder receives her earned money quickly into her own account. The day after you have paid us, we pay your childminder
  • If your childminder is sick? Or on vacation? We help you find a replacement childminder
  • A parent committee
  • A wide range of courses, training sessions, and workshops. You as a parent can also take advantage of these
  • Extensive knowledge and experience!

Looking for a childminder?

Sign up with 4Kids, so we can assist you. Or contact us by calling (0572-341000) or emailing (opvangadvies@4kids.nl). We are happy to help you!

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