Our vision and culture

Our vision on childcare

Childcare with childminders is pleasantly small-scale. Plenty of attention, therefore. Safe and trusted. A place where children have fun, enjoy themselves. And develop optimally in their own way. We are here to help you, childminders, and parents. To make it as easy as possible for you. This way, the focus is on the child. We do this passionately and expertly. With an eye for people and nature.


Happy children, parents, and childminders. That's what we're here for

Our culture

Started in 2005 as a regional childminder agency by a mother and son. And soon expanded into a national childminder agency. But still with the same goal in mind: quality, putting the child first. And truly personal! Our core values describe who we are. How we do our work. And what we stand for.

Enthusiastic. Progressive

A listening ear

Together looking at your wishes

Doing the unexpected