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What does 4Kids do for you?

The childminder mediation and supervision of 4Kids is typified by individual services tailored to your requirements. You are assigned a personal agent who knows your situation well and guides you for as long as you use the childminder services of our agency.

We take care of the following matters and more:

  • Help in finding a suitable childminder for your child, for instance via the online Childcare market.
  • A fixed contact person for you in the form of your own personal agent. She is aware of your personal situation.
  • Your personal agent visits the childcare location at least twice a year.
  • Execution of the annual Health & Safety Risk Assessment.
  • Periodical evaluation of the childcare with your personal agent and the childminder.
  • An online time-registration system, so you have access anywhere at any time to your childcare costs.
  • An annual summary of all childcare hours and fees so you can justify the childcare allowance you receive to the tax authorities.
  • Fast cashier function: collecting and paying childcare fees for your guest parent.
  • Verifying the validity of the childminder's documents (certificate EHAK, VOG, diploma, identity).
  • Is your own childminder unavailable due to illness or holiday? Then a member of staff from our childminder agency helps you find a replacement childminder.
  • If necessary, ensuring registration of your childminder in the National Childcare and Daycare Centre Register.
  • Schooling and training of your childminder.
  • Professional support and supervision of your childminder in terms of educational challenges.
  • Periodic newsletter dealing with all sorts of current (childcare-related) subjects.