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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find a summary of frequently asked questions.

01 What is the benefit of childcare with a childminder instead of at a daycare centre?

Childcare with a childminder is small scale and that creates a more personal bond with the childminder. Since childminders care for fewer kids as a rule, they are able to provide much more personal attention to your child. And that is good for your child's development. Further a childminder is mostly very flexible, so you can arrange childcare at the times that suit you. You are not tied by compulsory (half) days. We do however advise you to arrange at least one half day, so that your child remains in contact with the childminder.

02 I am looking for a childminder. What can I do now?

You can contact 4Kids by completing the info request form. Your personal agent will then contact you to discuss your wishes.

03 We already have a babysitter but we'd like to become eligible for a childcare allowance. How can we do that?

You can have your babysitter registered with us as a childminder, by completing the registration form. We will then check any additional conditions your babysitter must meet in order to work as a childminder. Together with your babysitter, we shall ensure that he/she then becomes registered in the National Childcare Register (LRK). When registration is complete, you will receive a quotation from us, with which you can apply for childcare allowance. Your personal agent will then make an appointment with you and your childminder for an introductory meeting. This will allow you to check the safety and hygiene of the facilities offered. Practical matters such as hours registration will also be explained. As soon as your babysitter has been registered as a childminder, you can claim childcare allowance. More information on the quality requirements for against parents can be found here.

04 Can I have my mother (in law) or my sister registered as a childminder?

Yes, you certainly can. After all, close family members offer ideal, very familiar childcare. Close family members are subject to the same conditions as any other people wanting to become childminders. Click here for the conditions.

05 We are thinking about arranging a childminder, can you guarantee the quality?

We do everything possible to guarantee the quality of the childcare. We start by looking at whether the parent, child and childminder get along. We also pay attention to ensuring safe and clean childcare facilities. The mandatory Certificate of Good Conduct offers certainty regarding the background of the childminder, and a childminder must have a registered First Aid Certificate for Children and a diploma in care and welfare or education. Finally, the relationship between the childminder, child and parent is given attention in evaluation interviews. 4Kids is inspected annually by GGD Public Health Authority.

06 Will I be eligible for childcare allowance?

The allowance is means tested, but certainly also accommodates higher incomes, especially when more than one child is concerned. Under downloads, you will find the income table applied by the PAX Authorities, giving the appropriate child allowance percentages. Here, you can calculate your personal situation. You can also request a quotation.

07 And am I entitled to childcare allowance during parental leave?

Yes, you are entitled to childcare allowance during parental leave. For employees, the number of hours worked is equal to the (agreed) term of employment. The term of employment remains unchanged during parental leave. Such circumstances therefore have no effect on the number of hours worked and therefore also not on the number of hours of childcare allowance to which you are entitled.

08 How can I apply for childcare allowance?

The request for an allowance is self-explanatory. You can request the allowance via the Tax Authorities website. We suggest you keep the quotation received from us, your DigiD registration details and National Insurance (sofi) numbers at hand, for yourself and other residents of your household. When the programme requests the hourly rate, fill in the hourly rate given in the quotation, not the childcare rate charged by the guest parent. When making the request, please indicate which child is the primary child. This is not your oldest child but rather the child receiving the highest number of childcare hours. When your children receive equal numbers of childcare hours, please give the child to which the lowest hourly rate applied, this too can be found on the quotation. If you do not understand any part of the request process, feel free to contact us.

09 How can I change the allowance?

When the number of childcare hours changes a lot, a child is born, or your salary changes drastically, we recommend that you inform the authorities of this change. You can do so personally via the Tax Authorities amendment form.

10 What will be my financial situation when I find a childminder?

Under Fees on our website, you can find detailed information on the costs. You can even make a tailored calculation for your personal situation. If you have this quotation sent by 4Kids, we will contact you soon to answer any questions you may have.

11 We're looking for a childminder in our own home. Is that possible?

Yes, it is. Some childminders are willing to provide childcare in your own home. There are however extra rules when registering a childminder to provide childcare in your home. For an overview of the possibilities and conditions, check out Variants of childminder childcare.

12 Why do we pay mediation costs?

In return for the mediation costs, you receive the following: You will have your own personal agent who supervises the childcare you require. You can always call her in case of questions or problems. She will also check the childcare facilities annually for you, and will conduct a progress interview with your childminder every six months. If you do not yet have a childminder, or you are looking for renewal one, she will identify your wishes and find you a suitable childminder. If you cannot reach your personal agent, or you have an administrative question, feel free to call our office in order that our colleagues can answer your question. Finally, the costs cover administrative processing of the childcare, such as invoices, annual statement and quotations.

13 If I have more than one childminder, will I pay more mediation costs?

No, as the mediation costs are a fixed sum per child per month. On our website or on your quotation, you can see exactly how much mediation costs you pay.

14 Is it possible to have a temporary contract with 4Kids?

The minimum duration of the contract between you and 4Kids is 8 months. After that, there is a period of notice of 1 calendar month. The contract between you and the childminder has a minimum duration of one month.

15 Are there costs attached to the introductory meeting?

If you decide not to make further use of the childcare and/or mediation by 4Kids after the introductory meeting but before conclusion of the contracts, we shall charge you € 100. This amount covers the costs incurred by 4Kids in the initial phase, such as the introductory meeting, drawing up the contracts and the quotation.

16 What is the difference between an intake and an introductory meeting?

An intake takes place when you have not yet found a childminder and you are looking for suitable childcare. During an intake, you get to know your personal agent and discuss with them your specific wishes and requirements for childcare. An introductory meeting takes place once a childminder has been found. During this meeting, agreements are made and all practical matters are discussed pertaining to the childcare, such as for example the hours registration.

17 How exactly does the hours registration work?

At the beginning of each month, the childcare hours for the previous month are registered by the parent or the childminder. You then receive an overview from us of the childcare fees to be paid and of the mediation costs. You pay the total amount to 4Kids. 4Kids then pays the childcare fees to your childminder.

Based on the hours of childcare registered by you, you receive an annual statement covering the previous year, in February. This can be used for your final request for childcare allowance. This is particularly important if you have received too much or possibly too little childcare allowance, or when you have worked more or less than estimated when requesting the allowance.

Registration of the hours is very simple, via our website. Your personal agent will explain this to you during the introductory meeting. Along with the hours registration, as a parent you can also input any expenses incurred by the childminder for meals and nappies, for example, to be charged separately. The costs of nappies, etc. are often also included in the hourly fee, or you provide them. Parents can pay for these directly to the childminder in the monthly payment.

18 Who should I contact if I have any questions, someone at the office or my personal agent?

Your personal agent is your contact person for anything concerning the childcare: whether everything is working well between the parties, to make agreements for an evaluation and such. Do you have any other questions, concerning finance, a quotation or questions regarding childcare allowance? It is then sensible to call our office.

19 Am I entitled to childcare allowance if my childminder lives with me?

If your childminder lives with you, you may no longer receive childcare allowance for this childminder. If you wish to retain the right to childcare allowance, you will need to have your children hosted by another childminder who does not live with you.

20 Are childminders covered by the same 'four eyes' principle as in childcare centres?

Childminding works differently to childcare in a childcare centre. You select your own childminder and your child is only cared for by this person. As a childcare centre, you cannot decide who takes care of your child and it has therefore been compulsory that there is continuous supervision by four eyes (two persons), since 2013.

In childminder childcare, you develop a trust relationship with your childminder and you can gear the necessary childcare on a daily basis with him/her. Moreover, your personal agent periodically visits your childminder. The childminder childcare therefore actually works according to the six-eyes principle: the eyes of the childminder, yours and those of the personal agent.