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Benefits of childminder childcare

Childminder childcare is a unique form of childcare. Its small-scale nature means each child gets the attention and care it needs for optimum development. After all each child is unique and develops in its own way. What's more, childminder childcare is the most economic form of childcare. Below is a summary of all the benefits of childminder childcare.

01 Lots of individual attention

Due to a childminder looking after a smaller number of children than a carer at the daycare centre or out-of-school childcare, she has more time and attention for your child. And so your childminder can quickly and effectively react to the needs, character, preferences and unique talents of your child. Your childminder has an eye for your child as an individual and will stimulate his or her own efforts. This allows your child to develop confidence and a positive self image. In order to ensure that all development areas are stimulated, your childminder works with the child monitoring system of 4Kids childminder agency.

02 You decide who takes care of your child

In the childminder childcare system, you determine who takes care of your child and where the childcare takes place. You do not have to do fit in with an existing system, with constantly changing carers or changes in the basic group. Your child will soon feel at ease and will develop more effectively in an environment which has been chosen with care and attention.

03 Playing and discovering things together in a small group

Many of the 4Kids childminders take care of children from a number of families. This brings your child into contact with other children from an early age. The groups are carefully balanced and comprise no more than 6 children. Your child can therefore play with others and develop social skills, without being lost in the crowd. As a comparison, the maximum group size for a daycare centre has been set at 16 children When cared for by a childminder, there is room for 'time alone' or individual activities. 4Kids childminders stimulate children to play together by organising various activities and games during the day, which are geared to the age and development of the children.

04 The same face every day in a homely environment

Children develop optimally in a safe and quiet environment where they feel at home. Childminder childcare takes place at the childminder's home or at your home. A homely environment therefore which feels familiar and is comforting. This is certainly important if your child spends many hours in childcare. Moreover, your child will see the same familiar face of the childminder every day. This is considerably different from the institutional childcare of a daycare centre or out-of-school childcare, where a number of carers are assigned to each group and your child sees different carers each day.

05 Childcare in safe and healthy homes

The homes in which 4Kids childminders work are safe and healthy. They are regularly checked by a staff member of our childminder agency, to be sure that the environment still meets the requirements and is geared to the children's age. The staff member undertakes an annual Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Safety and Hygiene. This guarantees a safe and trusted childcare setting for your child.

06 Childminder childcare is professional childcare

Childminders are professional role models. They all have a diploma in care and welfare or education, and a First Aid for Children certificate. Furthermore, all childminders have a Certificate of Good Conduct and, if the childcare is provided in the chilminder's home, certificates are also required for all other adults living there. The childcare is periodically evaluated by you, the childminder and your personal agent. The childminder of 4Kids can count on expensive supervision by the personal agent and various forms of additional/refresher training.

07 Childminder childcare is less expensive

When making use of registered childminder childcare via the 4Kids childminder agency, you are entitled to childcare allowance. You do not pay for childminder childcare during holidays, public holidays and study days*. You do not have to pay per half day, but can also pay per hour. And so you only pay the hours actually arranged with your childminder! As a family, this can soon earn you thousands of euros per year compared with a babysitter, daycare centre or out-of-school childcare. Calculate how much you can save here.

* Parents and childminders make their own agreements on payment during holidays and public holidays.

08 Childminder childcare is flexible childcare

You can make your own arrangements with your childminder regarding the supervision and daily activities of your child. Childminders often have the possibility to meet your personal wishes. There are no opening and closing times for childminder childcare, and no waiting lists. Evening, night-time and weekend childcare are all possible. Picking up the children a little later, attending the occasional late-night meeting and having your child stay for tea with the guest family is generally not a problem. Many childminders even offer the possibility of looking after your child when he or she is ill. This saves you from taking a day off. This therefore will not upset your family routine.

09 Your child feels more at ease with a childminder

Research by the University of Leiden has shown that children in childminder childcare are happier than children in a daycare centre. This means that they feel more at ease and are more able to enjoy the activities undertaken. They therefore develop more effectively. Children in childminder childcare feel better due to the greater sensitivity of the childminders, the lower noise levels in childminder childcare and the smaller size of the group when compared with a daycare centre.

10 Your child is healthier in childminder childcare

Research by the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and the University Medical Centre of Utrecht has shown that children suffer 70% less sickness with childminders than at childcare centres. This is because childminders care for children in smaller groups and are the only carer. That is better for your child, but also for you. It gives fewer sleepless nights and less chance of you having to take time off work to care for your child at home. The same research showed that more frequent illness in early childhood does not result in greater resistance to illness at an older age.