Gastouderbureau 4Kids
About our agency

Green is our colour

The colour of 4Kids is green. Not only in our corporate style, but in all our activities. We strive for a world that will be a great place for our children to live, work and play. Which is why 4Kids has been working for years to ensure its childcare and mediation are as sustainable as possible. Read more about our initiatives below:

Childminder childcare = green

Childminder childcare is of course a green form of childcare by definition. It takes place at home, so no extra buildings need to be built. What's more, these buildings do not require extra energy.

From post to e-mail

The postal flows are reduced to a minimum, by using e-mail and the web as far as possible for admin. purposes. The registration and invoicing of monthly hours is fully digitised.

Green energy

The building in which our childminder agency is situated is supplied with 100% green electricity and gas. Not just a little bit green, but completely green! When buying new electrical devices, they are selected explicitly on the basis of energy consumption.


All cars purchased by 4Kids must have energy label A or B.

Cycling is greener

4Kids employees are encouraged to visit guest parent homes by bicycle instead of by car, and to commute by bike too where possible.