Gastouderbureau 4Kids
About our agency

About our agency

4Kids is a professional, nationally operating childminder agency that guarantees fast and individual mediation. We aim for the highest possible quality of childcare. We do this by continually working at the following four goals:

01 Tightly meshed network of childminders

We work at extending our tightly meshed network of professional and devoted childminders, day in day out. This allows us to quickly introduce parents to a number of childminders in all regions of the Netherlands.

02 Quality

We believe quality to be characterised by two things: excellent childcare and excellent service. We work at excellent childcare by using enthusiastic, dedicated and well-trained childminders. Our childminders offer care, safety and a tried and trusted educational approach. We try to support and supervise them as effectively as possible. Furthermore, 4Kids offers parents and childminders all the services they might expect from a childminder agency. Our parents and childminders are all supervised by their own personal agent, who keeps a close eye on the quality, safety and hygiene of the childcare offered. However, she can also advise on educational challenges and can help in the application for childcare allowance. Childminders and parents can also register their hours via the 4Kids website, and can place a profile, free of charge, on the online childcare market.

03 Personal attention and flexibility

Each child is unique. As is each family. Childminder childcare is perfectly geared to that. 4Kids tries to find the most suitable childcare situation for each child, and to offer tailored supervision. In this small-scale form of childcare, each child receives the attention, care and supervision he or she needs, thus allowing their optimum development. Furthermore, the childminder takes care of children at the times needed by the parent.

04 Fair price-quality ratio

Most of the childminder childcare work is done by the childminder. We therefore believe that all childminders should receive fair payment for their work. We do so by keeping our mediation fees as low as possible. And so childminders receive fair payments and parents receive affordable childcare.